Violently upset the Middle East by Trump administration ...

0 years of the Middle East Middle East in 0: A Political Overview ... US Trump administration is separated from the Iran nuclear agreement to 0 years, further parking Israel ambassador And we moved the palace in Jerusalem. In addition to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) in month Such as abort the support against, the Middle East order, which is currently deviant behavior from international agreements and international law It began to shake violently. Trump presidential speculation is, the middle towards the US mid-term elections of the month The results also in East policy there is speculation that you want to appeal to the country. In the United States domestic affairs, doctrine to Isla The influence of evangelical facing a large number of the faithful of the more also is said to support the El ,, 0,000,000 people, ample It is not possible to ignore the influence of the pro-Israel lobby to provide Do election funds. Isla El of the Netanyahu government in the month, the state of Israel is trough constituted by the only Jewish Cormorant is established the nation-state method], than the Jews the Arabs and Druze people of domestic minority Also showed the social attitude to put in low.

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