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0 years of the Middle East Middle East in 0: A Political Overview ... At the United Nations in Rome [Food and Agriculture Organization Committee], which allows you to use the water problem and the important issue of the century. Even greater than or equal to 0 of the countries we are suffering from lack of water current. Then, water shortage is not something limited to the undeveloped land. In the United Nations of the decision, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and that there is a serious problem to the water supply. AD 000 years in Bulgaria in these countries, Greece, Hungary, in the Arab League, which predicted Luxembourg and Turkey is applied and, consisting of countries, of the supply problem of the water can be guaranteed to be able to deal with only Iraq and Lebanon we are it. Dam water storage rate in Japan is? !! Let's examine the water rate in Japan of the dam can be found here of NARO-like page. HP Water shortages that of international issues According to the United Nations, industrialization, environmental destruction, waste of water, referred to as population growth is in the way of the supply of fresh water.

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