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0 years of the Middle East Middle East in 0: A Political Overview ... In the US stock market of the day, we continue to want to attention to the situation in the Middle East. Japan is not the pessimistic mood color even for attacks on Saudi oil facilities, it supported the index by, for example, oil-related stocks are bought. Although the United States does not rely once more on Middle East crude oil by the shale revolution, only the United States producing oil because it does not fully catering to domestic consumption, some companies are importing crude oil Middle East production. In the market, said that the growing interest in the FOMC, which will be held until the day from today (Federal Open Market Committee), cut interest rates is already almost weaving. In Thailand, Iran has disturbed pace with the United States and other major countries, the outlook is uncertain. Neither it could have an adverse effect on the US economy, depending on the situation in the Middle East in the future, in the short term it is likely to continue the upside of the heavy deployment.

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