[The essence of the crisis, IS even nor terrorism] up-and-coming ...

0 years of the Middle East Middle East in 0: A Political Overview ... [IS of weakening] This news seems to good news in the Middle East master the confusion is, in fact that is only the beginning of a new crisis. From the start of the Syrian civil war, which has led to confusion in the world, already a year and a half has passed. The dispute seemed to stalemate, how have changed by the difference to the peace negotiations resumed military intervention and 0 years of Russia. Middle East political researcher of the up-and-coming is pointed out that [the world is wrong look at the nature of the problem]. By [weakening of IS], the Middle East is plunged into further crisis By began in Russian air strikes to 0 years, it IS (the so-called [Islamic State]) has steadily decline. In recent years, such as the Iraqi army to 0 years to recapture the areas controlled Fallujah of IS, its territory is gradually reduced, also are losing military influence. [If the IS is weakening is a cause of confusion of the current situation in the Middle East, if not the stable visit to the region] There is also a direction to think so.

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